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Product Description
1974-Current Mustangs
MAC SAMPLING TUBE 76/80MM 19/24/30LB 94/95;99/01
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MAC SAMPLING TUBE 76/80MM 19/24/30LB 94/95;99/01

MAC Sampling (Calibration) Tube for Mass Air Meters for 1994-1995; 1999-2001 Mustang.

This replaceable tube allows you to change calibration for different injector sizes in minutes without having to send meter off for calibration.

This tube is designed to calibrate the following MAC mass air applications:
-1994-95 Mustang GT w/ 76mm mass air meter & 24lb injectors
-1994-95 Mustang Cobra w/ 76mm mass air meter & 30lb injectors
-1999-01 Mustang GT & Cobra w/ 80mm mass air meter & stock injectors
These work with MAC mass air meters & with MAC Straight Shot mass air systems.

Item No:   CT5A 01
Our Low Price:   $33.95
In Stock Now!
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