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Product Description
LOWER RADIATOR HOSE SPRING 65/95 260/289/302/351W
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LOWER RADIATOR HOSE SPRING 65/95 260/289/302/351W

Lower Radiator Hose Support Spring for 1965-1995 260/289/302/351W.

At high RPM, the water pump can create so much vacuum that the lower radiator hose can collapse, starving the block for coolant. The result is an overheated engine or worse.

This spring fits into the lower radiator hose to offer support & form against collapse. Available individually. Use one per car.

Fits: 260, 289, 302, Boss 302, 351W

Dimensions: 13" x 1-5/8"

Related Parts:
-Motorcraft Lower Radiator Hose, 65-70 260/289/302/351W, #KM308
-Motorcraft Lower Radiator Hose, 70 Boss 302, #70438

Item No:   RH52 01
Our Low Price:   $8.95
In Stock Now!
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